Mr. James

Mr. James is a 59 year old man who is a member of the South Ward community. Last year he visited the center and seemed very happy to have a family success center in the area. He begin to visit on a regular basis and shared his situation with staff. Eventually he started participating by attending family game nights, the men’s group and various workshops and health presentations.

Mr. James was in need of a valid ID. WFSC staff was able to assist him and help him to get a city ID, as well as make connection to social security and obtain food and clothing. Our Success Center Director was able to assist him with getting a part time job. He was so appreciative that he signed up to be a success center volunteer! On days when he is not working, Mr. James comes faithfully to the Center to assist with summer camp and help out wherever needed.

Mr. James stated that he is appreciative for the interest that the staff has taken with him and that he has been so uplifted by being a part of the Family Support Center.