Ms. Walker

Ms. Walker, 32 years of age, entered the SAIF program in November 2017. She is a high school graduate with no steady work history and has lived in an emergency shelter since October of 2017. Without much support from family or friends, her desire to obtain worthwhile employment and her own apartment is what keeps her going from day to day.

As her SAIF Intensive Case Manager, I provided her with employment referrals as well as words of encouragement. One of the referrals provided to Ms. Walker was for Blessed Ministries Job Readiness Program, which provides job placement. She followed up and enrolled in the program. Determined to make a better life for herself, she successfully completed the Job Readiness Program at Blessed Ministries. She was then referred for job placement at McDonalds. Ms. Walker said that “she did not think that she would get the job because she had no prior experience.” During the interview she was asked, “Why should we hire you?” She responded: “I have no experience, but I am willing to learn, if given the opportunity.”

Ms. Walker obtained part-time employment at McDonalds in March 2018 which later turned into a full-time position. She has since moved out of the shelter and is living in her own apartment. Ms. Walker continues to search for other employment opportunities because she believes there are better opportunities out there waiting for her. Currently she is going through the hiring process with AMAZON.

Ms. Walker is now focusing more on becoming self-sufficient. She is getting her credit history in order, something she neglected in the past. She thanks the program for its help and guidance and for providing her with much-needed support and encouragement.

Congratulation to Ms. W on staying motivated!!

Ms. Ray