Stacey Owens

Stacey Owens: Aug. 30-Nov.7 2017:

SAIF ICM: M. Garrett

In 2017 Ms. Owens entered the Supportive Assistance for Individuals and Families (SAIF) Program. The first day she let her Intensive Case Manager (ICM) know that she was ready to get to work: “I have always worked and always liked having my own money,” she said. She told, Mr. Garrett, her SAIF ICM, of her difficulties finding employment despite her own efforts: “Mr. Garrett, I do applications online, at least three times a week and still nothing.”

When Ms. Owens and her ICM finished going over her resume, they began the process of looking for job openings. Mrs. Owens received information regarding a school bus attendant position. She contacted the bus company and went in for an interview for the position. Sometime later, she received the news that she was hired.

Ms. Owens worked as a seasonal worker from the months of September to June 2017 and her employers were so impressed by her work ethic and reliable nature that she was offered permanent full-time employment as a bus attendant. Since November 7, 2017, Ms. Owens has been working a minimum of 25-30 hours per week. She thanks the NESF SAIF Program and her ICM, feeling that if not for their assistance she would not have had this opportunity.