Twana Moses

Twana Moses, a 52-year-old resident of Newark, walked into the SAIF (Supportive Assistance for Individuals) program building on February 20, 2018. Her first meeting with her ICM (Integrated Case Manager) was on March 6; During her first visit her ICM detected a smell of alcohol and referred her to SAI/BHI (Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Initiatives). Ms. Moses’ next face to face visit with her ICM was on March 13, 2018 for her referral appointment. Within weeks, a change in Ms. Moses appearance as well as her demeanor and attitude could be observed; Ms. Moses was rewarded with a letter of compliance for her willingness to cooperate with the SAIF program and following through on leads she or her ICM had identified and put in place.

In May, her ICM requested a status update from the SAI/BHI program and was informed that Ms. Moses had successfully reached level 2 and had passed her drug test. Ms. Moses then attended the 7th Annual SAIF job fair where she received information on attaining her SORA’s (Security Officer Registration Act) license. Now Ms. Moses, having completed all classes and required training, is awaiting certification. While working towards her SORA’s license, Ms. Moses kept up with the program and maintained her sobriety. Ms. Moses conveyed her gratitude for SAI/BHI to her ICM, even saying that placing her into the SAI/BHI was the best thing that could have happened to her.